Saturday, January 17, 2009

Web site design- Stock photos vs real photos

You often see a lot of "stock" photographs in attorney websites. This should not surprise anyone as we see a lot of stock photos (photographs professionally done of models that have no relationship to the particular entity of the website).
I'm often asked by my law firm clients whether accurate photos are more advantageous than stock photos.
As I often like to answer, it depends. I think that a photo of a solo practitioner or the team of lawyers can be good on the front page. It gives a sense of realism to the prospective client. The website visitor can see the face of the lawyer that he or she is actually going to do business with.
If you can get a professionally done photograph, and not a Passport type photo, then it might be good to show your mug to the masses. Proof how your photograph looks before you publish the website.
If you cannot get a photograph to work, then stock photos of columns, scales of justice, police cars etc, may work better.
On secondary pages, it is fine to use stock photos for attorney/ client interactions. Make sure to be diverse.
Good luck, and may your good side show through.

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