Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Business networking sites - LinkedIn

I recently read a great post by Larry Bodine about mistakes lawyers make on LinkedIn.
These are great points as you can see below. The biggest mistake I see is that many lawyers are not on LinkedIn. Primarily smaller law firms and solo practitioners. I recently did a search of Law Practice/ Law Firms for my zip code and only 7 firms showed up with 10 or less employees. Conversly, 185 law firms showed up with 10 or more employees.
Small law firms and solo practitioners should be networking as much if not more than the larger firms. So my recommendation, get on LinkedIn then follow the information on Larry Bodine's blog.


Mark Zamora said...

not being on linked is a lawyer's "BIGGEST mistake?"

I respectfully disagree. There are many bigger mistakes, including: no website or one that is truly bad; a website that has out of date information,a bad email address, not being tech savv, not belonging to a listserv specific to his or her practice, not going to attorney associations' yearly meetings, poor letterhead, crappy business cards.

if you asked 100 lawyers over the age of 35 what linkedin is, 85 wouldn't be able to tell you, much less be on it.

Legal Marketer said...

Oh I agree with you. My point was that before a lawyer can consider the 10 biggest mistakes of LinkedIn, they must be on LinkedIn. As you mentioned, LinkedIn not in the 10 ten most important things that lawyers can do to promote their practice. LinkedIn is just complimentary to having a website, going to associations etc.
I just find it odd that I found no solo practiioners on LinkedIn and mostly large firms when I did a search in LinkedIn.

Mark Zamora said...

Got you. I do read your blog regularly ...

the commentary on the mistakes made by lawyers on linkedin are on the money (and are suggestions I should follow!)

Legal Marketer said...

Thanks for reading the blog.

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Legal Marketer said...

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