Saturday, May 17, 2008

Answer lawyer type questions on Askinglaw

As I mentioned in my previous post, is a great law question and answer forum. Visitor's can ask any questions they would like. As an update from the last time I saw Askinglaw, there are a lot more questions and most of the questions are actually answered. The subjects include personal injury, family law, dwi, foreclosure, credit card debt, garnishment, and criminal law. It is a very easy site to navigate as you can search for a lawyer and search the website for you law based question. If I was a lawyer looking for more business and to market the firm's practive on the internet, I would definitely start finding relevant questions. By answering these questions you 1. Establish credibility on the subject matter (ie bankruptcy) 2. Provide contact information for the questioner and other's to hire you and 3. Provide a link back to you website which helps in internet marketing and rising higher on the search engines such as legal.