Monday, August 09, 2010

Twitter and Facebook Accounts Getting Hacked

If you are on Twitter or Facebook, invariably, you see one our your friend's/contact's account get hacked. You see your friend suddenly espousing how to get "Free Flash Games" or "Walmart Gift Cards at 50% Off".

Doesn't really give you a strong opinion of that person, even though you know it's not their fault. Subliminally, we project a certain amount of carelessness to this user for letting their account get hacked. Don't they check their accounts on a frequent basis?

I have a confession to make, my Twitter account was recently hacked. I "Tweeted" about free games, diet pills, and cheap health care. Needless to say, it was very embarrassing as I often give professionals such as attorneys advice on lawyer marketing. I have since stopped this breach.

Some ways to avoid your law firm or individual account from being hacked:
1. Use hard to guess passwords
2. Change your password frequently
3. Log in to your account at least on a weekly basis and look at your posts
4. Listen to your followers who tell you when you been hacked

With these simple steps, you have a good chance of keeping your Facebook and Twitter account from being hacked.