Sunday, April 15, 2007

Incoming links to your legal website, very important

In my last post I talked about having relevant and well written content on your website to attract potential clients. This is important.
As we all know, Google, has proprietary algorithms in their search engine to present the best (in Google's opinion) websites that fit a particular query such as "boston car crash lawyer".
Having content on you website which coincides with this query is important. But what happens if 1,000 other websites have similar content? How do you move your lawyer website to the first page of Google, Yahoo, MSN,, or Targetlaw?
One way is to have other website reference your website. This gives weight to website. Google (and the others) look at incoming links as validation that your website has credible information that other websites think is important. The more incoming links, generally the better your search engine ranking will be.
How do you get incoming links to your website? Here are some suggestions:
1. List your website in your local bar association listing
2. List your website with any other association you may belong to such as Atla etc.
3. Write articles for websites such as Ezine with a link back to your website.
4. Start a blog, such as this one and write posts linking back to your website.
5. Get listings (the least expensive) in Findlaw,, Yellow pages which include your website listings.
6. Ask other attorneys to put your website on their website and return the favor.
7. Be leery of inter linking services, this can get you into more trouble that it is worth. Only have your website listed on credible websites. You do not want to be associated with unethical or black hat websites

Like anything else, this will take time. But it will be worth the effort for the next time your potential client is doing a lawyer search for someone just like you.

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