Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Template or Custom website?

Law firm web sites fall into two categories:
1. Custom designed websites (where the design is from "scratch")
2. Templated design websites (pre-fabricated website)

Template websites can work if:
1. Your firm only needs a "brochure" style website. Name of firm, attorney names, phone number, practice areas etc. Attracting new business or competing for referred business is not that important to your firm.
2. Cost is a major issue. Custom designed lawyer web sites are generally 2-3 times more expensive than templated websites.
3. Time is a factor. Once the content for you site is completed, your web designer plugs the information into a preexisting template.

Your firm should consider a custom website if:
1. You are looking for new business and/or want to impress current clients with a great design.
2. Your firm has any type of preexisting branding (letterhead, newsletters, television ads). A custom designed website can bring those elements in.
3. You want the best looking website in your geographical area and practice area.
4. You like to be involved with design and or appearance.
5. You want to convey an important aspect or advantage of your firm.

You can check out a great example of a custom law firm website

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