Sunday, September 24, 2006

Consumers looking for legal info online

According to a recent Harris Poll sponsored by,

"Other than family and friends (31%), the Internet is now the single
biggest source for legal information, outpacing books and
newspaper/magazine articles, which came in at just 12%. In fact, the
percentage of consumers who rely on the Internet for legal counsel has
nearly tripled in recent years (10% in 2000 vs. 27% in 2006), while the
percentage that rely on friends and family has declined by about a third
(49% in 2000 vs. 31% in 2006)."

The study also states that:
" Majority of U.S. Adults Using Lawyers; Top Reason is for Estate
Two out of three U.S. adults today have used a lawyer at least once in
their lives, about the same percent as in 2000 (65% in 2006 vs. 68% in
2000). As was the case six years ago, the single biggest reason lawyers are
hired today is to handle estate planning, like creating wills. Forty-six
percent of those U.S. adults who have hired a lawyer say that is what drove
them there, a similar percent as in 2000 (51%)."

You can see the press release at:

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