Monday, July 24, 2006

How do I know my law firm website is working?

This question is asked early and often from my lawyer website clients. Here are some basic criteria to gauge how your website is doing:
1. If I search for my name (and lawyer or attorney or firm name) does my website come up on the first page of Google and Yahoo? This is critical, because if someone searches for you by name, that is most likely a referral from one of your existing clients or another attorney. You want these referrals to find you quickly, otherwise they may go to one of your competitors
2. Do your clients comment that you have a nice website. This may seem a little trivial, but impressing clients via your website helps give you practice validation.
3. Look at your web traffic. Unlike the Yellow Pages, you can see exactly how many people visit your website, how they got to your site, how long they stayed, and even what the most popular pages were. If your current provider does not give web metrics, you may want to find a new web vendor.
4. Have you obtained any business from your website? This is often a tough one to measure. I recommend you ask your new clients if they saw your website and was it influential in choosing to hire you.

There are many more criteria to measure your website and overall internet marketing strategy, but these four checks should give you a baseline of how your website is doing.

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