Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Email Marketing for Law Firms?

I am often asked should attorneys send out emails for marketing purposes. Email can be a great way to market. There are some things to consider:
1. Do I have the time and expertise to create a nice, professional email message?
2. Do I have a lot of email addresses to make it worth sending?
3. Do I have permission to send to these emails (very important)
4. Is the email going to be a newsletter, announcement
5. Will I be able to send out an email at least 1 month?
6. Do I have a website where people can find out more about me.
7. Should I hire someone to help? - probably a "yes". A good firm to use is Blue Sky Factory
8. The response rate is not dissimilar to direct mail. So you may only get about 2-5% actually "do something" from your email.

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