Monday, September 22, 2008

Big changes in Google search engine algorithms

Many websites, including law firm websites have seen a substantial drop in web traffic over the last month or so. From my testing, it appears that Google has changed the way that it ranks pages for certain searches and search terms. While it is impossible to know or guess what Google is up to (their search algorithms are guarded like Fort Knox), webmasters should stick to the basics:
1. Keep adding relevant content to your law firm website. Think about, the more words you have on your website, the more likely Google, Yahoo, MSN etc will have your website show up on the first 10 or or so search results.
2. Keep it simple. Try and get your website link listed on relevant sites such as bar associations and legal directories. Stay away from straight link exchanges with websites that have nothing to do with you website.
3. Make sure your web pages are title tagged correctly
4. Make sure that you have a Google and Yahoo sitemap. This lets these search engines easily index your site.
5. Stay patient. The longer your website is out there, the more credence Google and the gang will give it. You don't want to be a "fly by night" type website.

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